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Should I Sell My Home to Those "Cash Buyers" That Mail Letters to the Neighbourhood?

Everyone's situation is different when it comes to the reason why they want to, or have to, move. Sometimes having a lot of people through your home, the repairs you think the home might need, or the thought of having to declutter or tidy up is enough to put a homeowner on edge.

That is what these "cash buyers" are advertising.

They'll come in, buy your house with cash (meaning no conditions) in it's current state (so no updates or repairs needed by you).

If this scenario is appealing to you, there's one thing you need to do first.

Maybe selling to these "cash buyers" is the best route for you and your family, but before you sign on any dotted lines, or have any type of firm verbal agreement, make sure you have your lawyer review the contract AND have an appraiser or Realtor come through your home to provide you with an unbiased opinion of value.

If you decide to use an appraiser there is a small fee for this service, but it is money well spent to make sure you are getting the value for your home that you are owed. There will be no worse feeling than selling your home and knowing you could have walked away with a lot more money.

Questions about selling your home in today's market? Reach out any time!

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