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January Market Update

Hello Spring Market! Yes, I know it is still winter but that hasn't stopped the real estate market from already picking up. Even with the new mortgage rules that took effect January 1, many buyers are out there searching for homes, and with little available to them, it is leaving us all with that familiar uneasy feeling of multiple offers on properties. While we are not expecting a repeat of the Spring in 2017, if you are looking to buy a home expect that you will not be the only one that fell in love with a certain one.

There are currently just 10 homes for sale under $350,000

There are 14 homes for sale between $350,000 and $450,000

* Homes priced under $450,000 are the most sought after in our community, and with just 24 homes available it makes for a competitive market for buyers*

There are 30 homes for sale between $450,000 and $600,000

There are 28 homes available at $600,000 or more

*Statistics are for all freehold properties in Cambridge, Ontario

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