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Forever Grateful...

I'm often asked, "why did you get into real estate?" and the truth is, it was never my plan. My father (Brian) got into real estate after I left for University, it was never really a part of our family, and I never knew much about it/gave it much thought. After University I bounced around a few jobs trying to decide what I wanted to do and my dad 'volun-told' me to get my real estate license t...o become his assistant. The first year wasn't pretty. Being on call 24/7, having my phone glued to my hip, learning to work alongside my dad, and never feeling like I could make plans in case work came up, were just a few of the things I struggled with as I got into this profession. Fast forward 4 years later and I couldn't be happier. I have met the most wonderful people, I have created lasting relationships and made new friends. Many of the people I have met through this job have become very special to me, and make this profession one that I look forward to doing every day. And although all jobs have theirs highs and lows, and there are sometimes days you feel like you're just spinning in circles and not getting results, the good moments (and there are many good moments) make it worth every second. My dad was recently invited to the graduation ceremony of our past client, and this catapulted me into the drive down memory lane of all the wonderful people I have met in this career, and the relationships we've made along the way. Brian was very honored to be invited to Aseel's graduation, and its an honor every day for us to be welcomed into so many peoples lives and into their homes. To all of our past and present clients, Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for making this job the best job, and for bringing so much joy, purpose and friendship into our lives. Forever Grateful, Molly & Brian

Brian Yetman

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