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Saving to Buy Your New Home

Are you saving for a new home? A great place to start is to create a budget (Pinterest has tons of free printables) and have a very honest look at your expenses. After that, you should have a clear idea of where you are overspending, and where you can make some adjustments.

There are always the obvious ways like stop eating out as much, don't have high payments on a vehicle, put so much of your paycheck into your savings, which are all great ideas. But the ideas are also vague. How much should you be putting away each paycheck? You likely still want to have somewhat of a social life, so how can you save in other areas so you can still go out occasionally! Because you are going to need to make changes, and some luxuries may be sacrificed for your homeownership goal. But not forever, so take a deep breath!

1. Meal Prepping - a common practice nowadays for people trying to eat healthier/lose weight. Also a great option for those trying to save money. Having planned meals ready saves you from ordering food because nothing is for supper.

2. Unsubscribe from unnecessary advertising emails - if you're like most, you have many stores emailing you about upcoming sales, and whats new! Avoid this temptation by cutting down on the number of emails you receive.

3. Find cheap and free activities near you

Cambridge Events

Waterloo Region Events

4. Buy in bulk in order to get price breaks on items you use regularly. Amazon's Subsribe and Save offers % discounts when you bulk shop items.

5. Dollar Stores - A treasure trove of every day items for a fraction of the price. If you are looking for cleaning supplies, cooking trays, and even holiday cards, the Dollar Store offers many items that are as just as good quality as what you would be paying for name brand.

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